Stree Swabhiman Scheme Benefits & More Other Details

In our India country, on 26 January 2014, the Ministry of Information Technology and Electronics announced to launch a new scheme (Stree Swabhiman Yojana) under the Stree Swabhiman Drive, they were announced at CSC Women’s VLE National Conference held at Sirifort Auditorium, New Delhi.
What is Stree Swabhiman Scheme
The Stree Swabhiman conference was inaugurated by Union Minister Raviprasad. This new initiative has been introduced by the Ministry and the csc to ensure and maintain full health for women.
Stree Swabhiman Yojana Through this new initiative, the central government aims to distribute eco-friendly sanitary trees among women and girls in rural and remote areas of the country. The production unit will be set up under Stree Swabhiman Drive.

Which will also be helpful in generating employment opportunities for five to seven women.
The new initiative and new campaign were implemented by the Central Government in coordination with the Common Service Center. The entire Stree Swabhiman Yojana will be implemented at the ground level within the country. The new pads manufactured by CSC will be more environmentally friendly and cheaper.
Micro-sanitary napkin manufacturing units will be set up at CSC across the country through Stree Swabhiman Yojana, which is mainly run by women entrepreneurs. The project currently has about 15 sanitary tree napkin units active in different parts of the country.
The Central Government’s move in this Stree Swabhiman Yojana will improve about menstrual health and hygiene. Apart from this, semi-automatic and manual process production unit will create employment for 910 women.
Under this project, Common Service Centers are going to implement this initiative at the basic level in the entire country.
CSC is committed to providing affordable, reliable and modern menstrual trees environmentally friendly to women and girls in rural areas, this project is a unique initiative of CSC to protect women self-respect.
This tree is safe to use and cheap in price.
In addition, this tree will provide security and cleanliness.
Common Service Centers are going to implement this initiative at the basic level in the entire country.

Following the instructions of Stree Swabhiman Yojana

This women self-respect initiative will provide sanitary trees to girls and women in rural areas.
The central government will spread awareness about menstrual health and hygiene in this step.
Semi-automatic and manual process production units are easy to install and hassle free.
Apart from this, every production will generate employment for 710 women.
Presently about 15 low cost sanitary trees are present in the entire country.
The central government in India wants more people to be involved in this initiative.
Stree Swabhiman
Stree Swabhiman

How to Apply for Stree Swabhiman Yojana?

  • CLICK here to apply under this scheme.
  • Now you have to write your mobile number and Captcha Code. And CLICK on Submit button.
  • Now you have to write the incoming OTP. Below that, you have to write your E-mail Id and Captcha Code. Now you must have an OTP on your E-mail Id, you have to write it in it. Finally, you have to click on the Submit button.
  • Now you have to write the required information with the VID number and name. After that you have to CLICK on the Submit button.
  • Eventually you will get your registration number.
Stree Swabhiman Yojana has a unique initiative to ensure good health and hygiene for women and girls. Under this scheme, the Government of India will provide environmentally friendly menstrual trees to women. This initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will mainly focus on women empowerment.