Get relief from the problem of hair stickiness and stench in summer, by adopting these easy remedies

The problem of stickiness and stench is common in the hair due to sweating in summer and washing and shampooing hair daily causes tension of hair deterioration. So how to take care of your hair in summer season, learn about it today.
problem of hair stickiness and stench in summer
1. In summer, take a hair spa at least once in two weeks. This causes intense conditioning of the hair. Apply homemade hair mask once a week. This will nourish the hair and also make the hair strong.
2. For mild hair use mild conditioner with mild creamed shampoo. It hydrates scalp and follicles and makes hair shiny.
3. Use gel-shampoo and natural conditioner for oily hair.
4. Massage of hair oil is necessary in any kind of weather. Massage hair with coconut or olive oil once a week. This not only gives you rest and nutrition, but it also makes the hair stronger by increasing the blood circulation of the scalp.
5. Avoid excessive use of mousse, gel and hair spray. They cause great damage to hair.
6. When your hair is well hydrated, they will not remain dry, nor will they be split. So make sure to apply deep conditioning mask once a week. Also clean the conditioner with water after two minutes.
7. If you want dark, thick and strong hair, then the skin of the scalp is also important. So include traditional warm oil massage in your hair regime. It not only relieves tension, but also increases blood circulation of the scalp.
8. Some people like to wash hair every day. If this is your habit too, then avoid this habit in winter. Wash hair every third day. By doing this, the hair will be good and clean.
9. If your hair is too messy then use a comb with wide bristles to clean them. First comb the hair length and then comb it upwards. This way the hair can be protected from breaking to a extent. 10. Massage the scalp by heating two teaspoons of olive oil. This will keep moisture in the roots and make hair less breakable.