PRASAD Yojana stands for “Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spirituality Augmentation Drive.” It is a central government scheme in India launched by the Ministry of Tourism in 2014. The primary objective of PRASAD Yojana is to develop the religious and spiritual circuits in the country to promote pilgrimage tourism, enhance visitor experience, and create better infrastructure for tourists.
What is PRASAD Yojana

Key Objectives of PRASAD Yojana:

1. Infrastructure Development: PRASAD Yojana focuses on developing the infrastructure in and around pilgrimage destinations. This includes the construction of roads, bridges, hotels, transportation facilities, and other amenities to improve accessibility and accommodation options for tourists.
2. Cleanliness and Hygiene: The scheme emphasizes maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in and around religious sites to enhance the visitor experience. This involves waste management, sanitation facilities, and awareness campaigns for both tourists and local communities.
3. Preservation of Heritage: PRASAD Yojana aims to preserve and restore the cultural and heritage aspects of pilgrimage sites. This includes the restoration of temples, heritage buildings, and historical monuments, ensuring they are well-maintained for future generations.
4. Promotion of Local Crafts and Culture: The scheme promotes local crafts, cuisine, and cultural activities related to pilgrimage sites. This not only provides economic opportunities for local artisans and businesses but also enriches the overall experience for tourists.
5. Training and Capacity Building: PRASAD Yojana includes training programs for guides, hospitality staff, and artisans to enhance their skills and provide a better experience for tourists. Capacity building initiatives are crucial for the sustainable growth of tourism.
6. Marketing and Promotion: The scheme involves marketing and promotional activities to attract more tourists to pilgrimage destinations. This includes both domestic and international promotional campaigns to increase the visibility of these sites.
7. Community Participation: PRASAD Yojana encourages the active participation of local communities in the development and maintenance of pilgrimage sites. Community involvement ensures the sustainability of tourism initiatives and fosters a sense of ownership among the local population.

Implementation of PRASAD Yojana:

PRASAD Yojana is implemented through the active collaboration of the central government, state governments, local bodies, and various stakeholders involved in the tourism sector. Funds are allocated for specific projects and infrastructure development, and regular monitoring ensures the effective implementation of the scheme.
The PRASAD Yojana plays a significant role in promoting religious and spiritual tourism in India while contributing to the overall economic development of the regions hosting these pilgrimage sites.