Operation Greens Mission

Operation Greens is a scheme launched by the Government of India with the aim of promoting the agricultural sector by focusing on the production and processing of tomatoes, onions, and potatoes, commonly known as TOP crops. The mission was announced in the Union Budget 2018-19 to ensure the stability of prices for these perishable commodities and to provide better returns to farmers.
Operation Greens Mission

Key Objectives and Components of Operation Greens Mission:

1. Price Stabilization: The primary objective of Operation Greens is to stabilize the prices of tomatoes, onions, and potatoes. These commodities often face significant price fluctuations, affecting both farmers and consumers. The scheme aims to regulate supply and demand dynamics to ensure reasonable and stable prices.

2. Integrated Supply Chain Management: Operation Greens focuses on strengthening the entire supply chain from production to consumption. This includes the creation of agricultural infrastructure, cold storage facilities, and transportation networks to prevent wastage and enhance the shelf life of perishable crops.
3. Market Linkages: The scheme emphasizes creating linkages between farmers and markets, enabling farmers to connect directly with consumers or bulk buyers. This reduces the role of intermediaries, ensuring that farmers receive a higher share of the final price of their produce.
4. Value Addition and Processing: Operation Greens encourages the establishment of food processing units and value addition activities for tomatoes, onions, and potatoes. This not only reduces post-harvest losses but also generates employment opportunities in the food processing sector.
5. Promoting Farmer Producers Organizations (FPOs): The scheme supports the formation and strengthening of Farmer Producers Organizations, enabling farmers to collectively bargain for better prices, access resources, and adopt best agricultural practices.
6. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Interventions: Operation Greens incorporates technology-driven solutions, including mobile apps and online platforms, to disseminate market information, weather forecasts, and best practices to farmers. Access to timely information helps farmers make informed decisions.
7. Export Promotion: The scheme also focuses on promoting the export of TOP crops. By adhering to international quality standards and facilitating export procedures, farmers can access global markets, increasing their income.
By implementing Operation Greens, the government aims to create a sustainable and inclusive agricultural supply chain for tomatoes, onions, and potatoes. By addressing the challenges faced by farmers and ensuring fair prices for their produce, the scheme contributes to the overall development of the agricultural sector in India.