One Nation One Ration Card (ONORC)

One Nation One Ration Card (ONORC) is an ambitious initiative launched by the Government of India to ensure the seamless distribution of food grains to beneficiaries under the Public Distribution System (PDS) across the country. The primary objective of ONORC is to provide food security to migrant workers and their families who move from one state to another in search of employment or other reasons.
One Nation One Ration Card In India

Key Features of One Nation One Ration Card:

1. Inter-State Portability: Under ONORC, eligible beneficiaries can avail their entitled food grains from any Fair Price Shop (FPS) across the country, irrespective of the state or union territory where their ration card is registered. This ensures that beneficiaries can access their food entitlements from any location, especially when they move to different states for work or other purposes.

2. Technology Integration: The ONORC system utilizes technology, including biometric authentication and electronic Point of Sale (ePoS) devices, to enable the seamless tracking and distribution of food grains. Aadhaar authentication is often used to verify beneficiaries’ identities.
3. Reduced Pilferage: The digital system helps in reducing leakages and pilferage in the PDS, ensuring that the food grains reach the intended beneficiaries without any intermediaries diverting the supplies.
4. Beneficiary Verification: The ONORC system verifies the identity of beneficiaries in real-time, ensuring that only eligible individuals receive their entitlements.
5. Phased Implementation: The implementation of ONORC has been phased, with states gradually integrating their PDS systems into the national framework. The goal is to achieve nationwide coverage, allowing beneficiaries from all states to access their entitlements anywhere in the country.
6. Benefits for Migrant Workers: Migrant workers, especially those moving to urban areas in search of employment, benefit significantly from ONORC, as they can continue to receive their entitled food grains even if they move to a different state.
The implementation of ONORC is a significant step toward ensuring food security for all citizens, regardless of their location within the country. It enhances the efficiency of the PDS, reduces wastage, and ensures that the benefits of government welfare programs reach those in need, even when they are on the move.