The secret behind nine unknown men of Emperor Ashoka

The “Nine Unknown Men” is a legendary secret society that is said to have been founded by the Indian Emperor Ashoka around 273 BC after the Kalinga War. According to the legend, Ashoka was deeply affected by the violence and bloodshed of the war and decided to create a society to preserve and protect knowledge that could be dangerous in the wrong hands.
The society, as per the legend, consisted of nine highly learned men who were each entrusted with a specific book of knowledge. These books allegedly contained knowledge on various subjects, including science, technology, psychology, and even methods of warfare. The purpose of the society was to safeguard and use this knowledge for the greater good while preventing it from falling into the wrong hands.
The secret behind nine unknown men of Emperor Ashoka

Nine unknown men secret of Ashoka

The Nine Unknown Men were supposed to guard their respective books and pass on the knowledge to worthy successors. Each book was said to contain knowledge that could significantly impact society, and the Nine Unknown Men were responsible for ensuring that this knowledge was used responsibly and ethically.
It’s important to note that the story of the Nine Unknown Men is a legend, and there is no concrete historical evidence to support the existence of such a secret society. The legend has been popularized in fiction, particularly in conspiracy theories and adventure novels. Many authors have incorporated the concept of the Nine Unknown Men into their works, further blurring the lines between fact and fiction.
While the story is intriguing and captures the imagination, it is essential to approach it as a piece of folklore rather than a historical fact until credible evidence emerges to support its authenticity.
Know the biography of samrat Ashoka
Following are the major achievements of Emperor Ashoka.
1. Construction of 84,000 stupas in South Asia and Central Asia to store Buddhist relics
2. One of the most revered relics of the Mauryan emperor is the “Ashoka Chakra” and “The Sinnath Pillar of Sarnath”. The Indian National Flag adopts the “Ashoka Chakra” as the “Circle of Righteousness” and the “Sinhastambha of Sarnath” as the national symbol of India.
3. Ashoka built “Viharas” at places like Dhamek Stupa, Bharhut Stupa, Sannati Stupa, Bukhara Stupa, Parbar Caves, Mahabodhi Temple and Sanchi and intellectual centers like Nalanda University and Taxila University.

Emperor Ashoka and a group of nine unknown men

Ashoka and a group of nine unknown men
There were a group of unknown men who had distanced themselves from worldliness so as to avoid any dealings with politics or mainstream science. He acted as the guardian and guardian of worldly mystical facts. They were observers of the rise and fall of entire civilizations, yet they never interfered or showed any kind of activism, but were always employed for the upliftment of mankind.
Nine devoted followers of science were chosen and each was given a book compiling knowledge related to a specific area of ​​mankind. There were nine people in this group at all times. These nine unknown individuals were asked to uncover the secrets of immortality and to keep their status confidential for eternity. The book that was given to each person, they had to add new things to it and correct the already compiled knowledge by correcting it.

Mystery of nine books and group of nine unknown men behind Ashoka

Mystery of nine books behind Ashoka

These mystical books contain knowledge of many subjects, most of which we still do not know.
Who are the ‘nine unknown men’? Is this a myth? Are there any historical data that verifies their credibility? Was the most powerful collection of knowledge ever collected? If yes, who are they and where are they now and what is their final plan? Are their behavior lenient or hostile? Will we ever get an answer to these questions?
In fact, the story of nine unknown men is more than 2000 years old. The concepts of the core elements of each of these nine books have generally changed. Talbot Munday, an English writer, distributed a book called “The Nine Unknown Man” in 1923, summarizing 9 books. This summary has been widely accepted.