National Agricultural Policy 2007:

The National Agricultural Policy 2007 refers to the agricultural policy framework adopted by the Government of India in 2007. The policy aimed at addressing various challenges faced by the agricultural sector and promoting sustainable growth. 
Here are some key highlights of the National Agricultural Policy 2007:

1. Objectives:

Enhancing agricultural productivity and ensuring food security.
Promoting a broad-based and inclusive agricultural development strategy.
Fostering growth in the agricultural sector to reduce poverty and inequality in rural areas.
Encouraging private investment in agriculture.

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2. Key Focus Areas:

Technology Adoption: Encouraging the adoption of modern and advanced agricultural technologies to improve productivity.
Infrastructure Development: Investing in rural infrastructure, including irrigation, roads, and storage facilities.
Diversification: Promoting crop diversification to reduce risk and enhance income for farmers.
Market Access: Improving market access for farmers and facilitating the development of agricultural markets.

3. Sustainable Agriculture:

Emphasizing the importance of sustainable agricultural practices, including organic farming and conservation of natural resources.

4. Credit and Insurance:

Addressing issues related to credit availability for farmers and promoting crop insurance to mitigate risks associated with farming.

5. Research and Development:

Supporting agricultural research and development to introduce innovations and improve the resilience of the agricultural sector.

6. Public-Private Partnership:

Encouraging public-private partnerships to leverage private sector resources and expertise in agriculture.

7. Human Resource Development:

Investing in the skill development of farmers and extension workers to enhance their capabilities.

8. Global Trade:

Considering global market opportunities and challenges, and aligning policies to make Indian agriculture globally competitive.

9. Climate Change Resilience:

Addressing the challenges posed by climate change and working towards building a resilient agricultural sector.
It’s important to note that policies can evolve over time, and there may have been updates or changes to the National Agricultural Policy since my last update. For the most current and detailed information, it is recommended to refer to official government sources or policy documents.