National agricultural commission

  • The National agricultural Commission for Farmers was constituted in the year 2004 under the chairmanship of Dr. MS Swaminathan to give suggestions regarding improving the condition of agriculture and farmers. Its headquarter is located in New Delhi.
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  • The Farmers Commission decides the cost of production according to it and then determines the profit on the basis of that. At present, the methods of estimating the cost of the farmers include the rent of the land, the cost of the seed to the produce and the labor of the family, in which there is no profit. However, as the prices of farmers’ produce increase, food inflation also increases in comparison.
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Recommendations given by the National agricultural commission

  • The commission submitted its investigation report to the government. The commission has made the following suggestions regarding the new agricultural policy.
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  • Minimum support price should be declared for all agricultural produce.
  • Market Risk Stabilization Fund should be created to protect farmers from price volatility.
  • Agriculture refund should be set up for drought and rain related risk.
  • Farmers Commission should be constituted in all the states.
  • Farmers insurance scheme should be expanded.
  • The authority of Panchayats should be increased in relation to agriculture.
  • States should allocate more resources for agricultural development.
  • The name of the Ministry of Agriculture at the Center and the States should be changed to the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers.
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