My pet

I have a very cute cat as a pet. I named it Isabella. It is very sweet and friendly. It has been living with us for the last two years and has become an important part of our family. Me and my sister love it so much we like to play with it all the time.
I have always been very fond of cats. I often kept a bowl of milk in my house backyard to attract cats coming into our house. Some cats and kittens came to our house every day. I also fed them bread and chapati. Often they slept under a chair placed in our backyard. I also used to visit animal shelters to feed on abandoned cats. Seeing my inclination towards these friendly creatures, my mother decided to bring a cat home.
On my 7th birthday my mother took me to an animal shelter early in the morning and surprised me by telling me that I could adopt any one cat. My heart melted at seeing a brown spotted cat and sleeping peacefully in a corner and then I brought her home. That day Isabella came into our life.
I not only play with Isabella but also take care of her cleanliness. We bathe it every 15 days. Isabella is fond of eating fish and we also feed her many times. His presence makes our life a lot better.

How I persuaded my family to keep pets

I always loved monkeys and wanted to raise them. I have often seen pets in movies but in real life I have never met anyone who has a monkey as a pet. When I expressed my desire to raise a monkey, my parents laughed at the idea and they rejected my demand, saying it was a foolish wish. However I soon won her trust and brought a baby monkey to my house. This monkey child was as cute as a human child and it soon made a place in my parents’ hearts.

Taking care of my pet monkey

Since no one knew we had a pet monkey and we did not even know how to raise a pet monkey, we called for a professional help. Initially, a monkey trainer used to come to our house to train the chimp according to our home environment. He instructed us how to take care of our pets. We soon understood how monkeys behaved. We learned things to keep them calm and to make them angry. He also told us how to ensure its cleanliness and how to feed it. This is how we started taking care of the chimp.

The conclusion

Chimpu is very warm and friendly. It has been living with us since the time it was an infant. In this way it has been associated with us long back. He also loves the guest at home. It is a lot of fun when we all gather at home together. It is very pleasing to have a chimp around.