What to know before buying Flat according to vastu?

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science that focuses on the architectural and design principles, offers guidelines for harmonious living spaces. If you’re considering buying a flat and wish to align it with Vastu principles, here are some key aspects to consider:

1. Location and Direction:

Orientation: Ideally, the main entrance of the flat should face east, north, or northeast, as these directions are considered auspicious in Vastu.

Avoid: Avoid flats with the main entrance in the southwest direction, as it is considered inauspicious.

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Location and Direction - Shape and Layout - Energy Flow and Water Elements of Flat according to Vastu

2. Shape and Layout:

Regular Shape: A flat with regular shapes, like square or rectangle, is considered favorable in Vastu. Irregularly shaped flats can create Vastu doshas (imbalances).
Balconies: Balconies or open spaces should be on the north or east side of the flat.
Avoid Cut Corners: Flats with cut corners are generally not recommended, as they can create negative energy.

3. Interior Arrangement:

Master Bedroom: If possible, choose a flat where the master bedroom is in the southwest direction. It provides stability and security to the occupants.
Kitchen: The kitchen should preferably be in the southeast corner of the flat. Cooking gas or stove should be placed in the southeast direction.
Toilets and Bathrooms: Avoid having toilets in the northeast and center of the flat. Keep them in the northwest or southeast corners.

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4. Energy Flow:

Entrance: Ensure that the entrance is clutter-free and well-lit to allow positive energy (prana) to flow into the flat.

Ventilation: Proper ventilation is essential to allow fresh air and positive energy to circulate throughout the flat.

5. Colors and Decor:

Color Scheme: Choose soothing and light colors for the walls, furniture, and decor. Avoid dark and aggressive colors.

Indoor Plants: Indoor plants, especially in the northeast corner, can enhance positive energy.

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6. Water Elements:

Water Storage: If you have an overhead water tank, it should ideally be placed in the northwest corner of the flat.

Avoid: Avoid having a well, borewell, or septic tank in the southwest corner of the flat.

7. Consulting a Vastu Expert:

Personal Consultation: If you have specific concerns or doubts, consulting a Vastu expert can provide personalized guidance based on your flat’s layout and your birth details.

Remember that while Vastu guidelines can offer a sense of harmony, it’s essential to balance these principles with your practical needs and preferences when choosing a flat. Personal comfort and functionality should always be a priority when making a decision.

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