Current IT news of India as of Thursday, March 14, 2024:

Indian IT Services Companies:

Positive Performance: TCS, HCL, and other major Indian IT firms are gaining market share compared to global competitors. They reported good Q3 results with cautious optimism for the future.

Current IT news 14 march 2024
Current IT news 14 march 2024

TCS Sets ‘Conditions’ for Pay Hikes and Promotion: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has outlined specific conditions for pay hikes and promotions for its employees. The details of these conditions are being closely watched by industry professionals.
Baba Ramdev Ventures into IT Business?: There’s a buzz around Baba Ramdev, the well-known yoga guru and entrepreneur, potentially entering the IT business. His company, Patanjali, has reportedly bid for Rolta India, a technology firm.
Improving Air Logistics for Electronics and Telecom Manufacturing: Ajai Chowdhry, co-founder of HCL, emphasizes the need for India to enhance air logistics infrastructure to support electronics and telecom manufacturing.
Hiring Trends: Indian IT companies are expected to see an 8-10% growth in hiring this year. However, there’s a skill shortage in cybersecurity, creating challenges.
Work Culture: Debate continues around work culture, with Wipro mandating employees to work from the office three times a week, while others like Infosys acknowledge the importance of a flexible work environment.

Other News releated to Information Technology:

Haryana’s proactive approach is being cited as a model for cybersecurity success.
Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple are facing scrutiny regarding their dominance in the market.
Investment is picking up in the Indian IT sector, with IBM planning to double its hiring this year.
Patanjali’s bid for Rolta has sparked discussions about Baba Ramdev’s entry into the IT business.

Global Technology News:

Experts predict significant growth in Artificial Intelligence, with some suggesting AI capabilities could match humans by 2029.