“Harshacharita,” also known as “Harsha Charita” or “The Saga of Harsha,” is an ancient Sanskrit biography written by the renowned Indian poet Bana Bhatta. It is one of the most important literary works of classical Sanskrit literature and is considered a significant historical and biographical text.


Harshcharita as biography of King Harsha

The “Harshacharita” is a biography of King Harsha, who ruled over a vast part of northern India from 606 to 647 CE. King Harsha, also known as Harsha Vardhana, was a prominent ruler of the Indian subcontinent during the 7th century. He was a patron of literature and the arts and played a significant role in the political and cultural landscape of ancient India.
Bana Bhatta, the author of the “Harshacharita,” was a highly esteemed Sanskrit poet and scholar in the court of King Harsha. The biography provides a detailed account of King Harsha’s life, his achievements, his military campaigns, and his patronage of scholars and artists. It also offers insights into the social, cultural, and political conditions of India during that period.
The “Harshacharita” is not only a historical account but also a literary masterpiece. Bana’s poetic and narrative skills are evident throughout the text, making it a valuable work of classical Sanskrit literature. The biography is highly regarded for its vivid descriptions, eloquent language, and deep insights into the character and deeds of King Harsha.
Today, the “Harshacharita” remains an important source for historians and scholars studying ancient Indian history and literature. It provides valuable insights into the political and cultural milieu of India during the 7th century and offers a glimpse into the life of one of India’s notable historical figures.

Harshacharita is divided into 8 following uchchhavans:

1. Vatsayan uchchhavans:

Banabhatta begins the Harshacharita with the praise of Shiva Parvati.  Along with this, what is the specialty of the tradition of the poet?
Bhargo Gokul explains the specialty of Vatsayana kul.Leading the life of childhood.  It also tells about how Saraswati, the goddess of learning, was illuminated on the earth.

2.Rajdarshan uchchhavans:

In this it is known that there is a description of Banabhatta’s forest.
His cousin brings him an invitation from the accountant.
On the banks of the river “Achrvati”meets Harshavardhana.
He also sees and describes Vardhan’s heavy army and also describes the costumes and the arrow returns house.

3.  Rajvansh uchchhavans:

After meeting Harsha, Banabhatta writes that he returns to his home village Pratikuta.  Show everything to the villagers and Bharwa Chai requests them to write about Harsh’s character.  In this, it is told how Shrikanth Dev describes the king of Vardhan dynasty by order of Lord Shiva.  On his request, he was asked to do penance in the state.The people of the south were Shaivite ascetics.  Lakshmi ji appears who granted a boon to a Chakravarti king named Harsha to establish a new Rajvansh.

4.Chakravarty birth description uchchhavans:

In the Pushyabhuti dynasty, Prabhakar Vardhana fought with Aat, Malwa, who had 3 sons and daughters.  The description of Rajyavardhan, Harshavardhana, Rajshree is found.  When Rajyashree grows up, Avanti Varma’s son is married to Graha Varma.

5.Maharaj’s death description uchchhavans:

Rajyavardhan stream Huns get defeat.  Harsh falls behind.  Rajvardhan moves ahead and Harshvardhan suddenly dreams that his father has got a serious illness.  Just then he gets the news that his father has died and calls Rajyavardhan.

6.Rajpratigyna description uchchhavans:

It describes the rites of the dead.  Rajyavardhan comes after defeating the Huns.  Hearing the news of his father, he wants to become disinterested.  Just then the messenger of Maukhari dynasty comes to Harsha and tells that Grahavarma was killed and Rajyashree has been imprisoned.  Vairagya and when Rajyavardhan emerges, it is a bad omen and the ruler of Malwa deceives and kills Rajyavardhan, which was reported to Harsha by a horse army named Kuntal.  Harsh then gets Sapna coronated.

7.kshatrlapasi uchchhavans:

After the coronation, Harsh worships Shiva.  Pragyan makes a treaty with Bhaskar Varma, the ruler of astrology and sets out in a conquest and makes him the ruler of Malwa.
On the other hand, Harsh, who escapes from the Rajyashree jail and runs into the forests of Vindhyachal, gets the news and sets out to find Harsh.

8. Vndhyasri niveshn uchchhavans:

He searches the Vindhyachal hills and meets Diwakar.  Only then the pyre of Rajyashree is decorated and sati is going to happen.  Then Harsh stops.