Biography of Shalini Dubey

Early life - Dispute - Interesting fact about Shalini Dubey
Biography of Shalini Dubey

Early life of Shalini Dubey :

Shalini Dubey was born in Washington DC, US to a Christian American mother, Christina Gates, and an Indian Hindu father, Ram Sharan Dwivedi. Due to being born in America, his citizenship is American. Her mother is a cousin of Bill Gates and her father has been working in the Indian Foreign Service. By the way, they are originally from Kanpur. However, due to some reasons, his parents have divorced.
Her boyfriend ‘Dipanshu Tiwari’ is from the grandson of ‘Raja Babu Tiwari’, a well-known name in the real estate sector and the family of former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh ‘Shri Narayan Dutt Tiwari’. He got his initial education at ‘James Wood High School’ in the US and took admission under foreign quota for Bachelor Degree in ‘IIT Delhi’ for higher education. However, due to some reasons, he left his studies and returned to America. Despite leaving his studies in the middle, he has been awarded the doctorate by four universities of the world.
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Shalini started her own Super Market series at the age of just 16. But due to no business experience, his startup could not succeed and seeing all the money sinking, he sold the series to the Walmart Group. The deal earned Shalini $ 3000 dollars. After the startup failure, she struggled for a job, but due to her young age she could not find a job, which resulted in her becoming desperate.
But he tried once again and invested his $ 3000 from Walmart in a major VPN service company. And this is where his success started. She is 21 years old at this time and she is the owner of 24000 crores (this is an estimated asset) in such a short time. Apart from this, she is also the owner of 14 luxury cars and 2 luxurious private jets. She loves children very much. She donates about 2000 crores to children every year. In addition, she has adopted 31 children, which she keeps with her.

Dispute :

HIDEMYASS, Calvin Klein, both of these companies started raining on them, which happened so much that in 2013 they were included in the list of world’s richest people by Forbes magazine. But she was very angry with this act of Forbes and she filed a case on Forbes saying that no one has any right to interfere in the personal life of another. The court verdict came in favor of Shalini Dubey and the court empowered her to refuse to publish her news in the media and which she used well, due to which very little information is available about her online or offline. And what gets is equal to nothing.
However, after immense success from both these companies, she never looked back. Due to which today she has become the silent partner of about 35 big companies. Including luxury sunglass maker Rayban, aircraft manufacturer Boing, helicopters manufacturer Bell Helicopters, automobile company Toyota, global educational search engine, world’s largest airlines Lufthansa, India’s largest airlines Indigo, India’s largest ecommerce company Snapdeal And many other large companies.

Interesting fact about Shalini Dubey :

Although she believes in ‘simple living and high thinking’, she is very fond of luxury cars. Their fleet consists of 13 luxury vehicles and 2 luxurious private jets.
Despite being a business tycoon, he has served in the US Army and the American Airforce for one year. They are the third largest arms supplier to the US Army.
• US President Obama respects him a lot, he is one of his closest human beings. It is said about him that he is the only person for whom Obama leaves his chair and stands. He is also a business partner of Donald Trump, considered a strong contender for the post of the upcoming US President.
In addition to being a business tycoon, the US government has given him many important positions. He is the head of the cyber security department of the Central Intelligence Agency. She is also the White House security consultant.
• They join all companies as silent partner and they say that this gives them freedom to come in media reports and work is reduced.
• shalini dubey loves children very much. She has adopted 30 children whom she keeps with her. Every year she donates around 2000 crores to children around the world.
• About 13% of Hollywood’s business goes through their arms in one way or the other.
• Shalini Dubey is 32% Silent Partner of the Calvin Klien cloth brand.
• Around 80% of you will have ATM of banks, the two major companies are MasterCard and Visa which make ATM cards. Shalini Dubey is also the silent partner of Visa Cards.
In addition, he is associated with 13 other companies as a silent partner, including ‘Rayban’, a premium sunglass manufacturer and Boing, an aircraft manufacturer.
• She is also the cyber security head of the US intelligence agency CIA and offers unpaid services for the post. Prior to this, she has also served in the American Army. He has received training in all the three branches of the US Army i.e. One Woman Army.
• They are always accompanied by 18 private armed guards and the US also provides them with heavy security due to which they have to be anti-Muslim, their security costs about 10 crores of America every year.
He is also the Goodwill Ambassador of America. In addition, he is the third largest arms supplier to the American Army. He is also the head of the Security Advisory Committee of the White House but in terms of his safety, this thing was always kept secret.
• She has redesigned the logo of about 50 big companies, including the new logo of your Adidas, Samsung and even Facebook. For this, they charge huge amount. The story behind this is that he is considered to be the lucky charm of the American corporate world.
• You all must have seen or worn hoodjackets, do you know that Shalini Dubey is the one who gives us this fashion.
• Apart from this, the current design concept of women’s high heel sandals are the brainchild of them. And about 70% of the women wear high heel sandals of this concept.
• Another interesting fact about them is that the companies they are mistresses never use their products.
• He donated $ 60000 to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for drought-affected areas in India. Apart from this, she has also announced to open schools for poor children.
• While people like Ambani and Adani are busy filling their pockets, the donations and sacrifices made by Shalini Dubey make them even great with work.
He has knowledge of 31 languages ​​including Hindi.