Biography of Qamar Rahman

Name: Qamar Rahman
Birth: 1944
Thikaan: Shahjahanpur, India
Business: Scientist, Professor
Biography of Qamar Rahman

Early life of Qamar Rahman:

Qamar Rahman is an Indian scientist. He has worked extensively to understand the physical effects of nanoparticles in the last 40 years. Qamar Rahman was born in 1944 in Shahjahanpur, India. Qamar Rehman received his MSc and PhD from ST Johns College Agra.

Works of Qamar Rahman :

Qamar Rehman has worked internationally for asbestosis caused by long-term inflammation of the lungs due to asbestos fibers and asbestosis due to Nishan, the effects of slate dust and domestic and environmental particulate pollution and occupational health.
Qamar Rahman works as an assistant professor at Hamardad University. He is also a visiting professor at the Rostok University. Not only that, but he has served in many universities like USA Great Britain, France, Italy, Norvo, Denmark, Finland and Germany.
Qamar Rahman has studied extensively on the virulence of Estestus soot and many other lovers. Qamar Rehman has also done the task of making a film on the subject of women exposed to toxic chemicals at the place of work. Qamar Rehman is currently working as a Research Science and Technology Din of Amity University in Lucknow, India.

Achievements of Qamar Rahman :

Reward / Honor to Qamar Rahman:

1) Krummer Rahman was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Rostock University, Germany in 2009.
2) Dr. Rahman is the first Indian to receive the honor from this 600 year university.
3) In the year 2013, he has been awarded the Pro Award.