Biography of Parveen Sultana:

Early Life:

Parveen Sultana, born on July 10, 1950, in Assam, India, is a renowned classical Indian vocalist, particularly acclaimed for her mastery in the Hindustani classical music tradition. She exhibited an exceptional talent for singing from a young age and began her formal training under the guidance of her father, Janab Ikramul Mazid, a noted classical musician and vocalist.

Musical Training and Career of Parveen Sultana:

Parveen Sultana received rigorous training in classical music from stalwarts like Pandit Chinmoy Lahiri and Ustad Dilshad Khan. She specialized in the Patiala Gharana, a school of Hindustani classical music known for its rich, emotive renditions. Her exceptional voice, control, and emotive depth quickly set her apart, earning her recognition in the competitive world of Indian classical music.

Professional Achievements:

Parveen Sultana made her debut on the music scene at a young age and rose to fame swiftly. She became known for her command over the khayal, thumri, and bhajan genres. She also excelled in the intricate art of tappa singing, displaying her vocal agility and improvisational skills.
Her rendition of the classical thumri “Woh Bhooli Dastaan Lo Phir Yaad Aa Gayi” became immensely popular and showcased her versatility as a singer.

Collaborations and Awards to Parveen Sultana:

Parveen Sultana collaborated with several renowned musicians and composers, both in India and internationally. Her performances in prestigious music festivals and concerts garnered widespread acclaim.
Throughout her illustrious career, she received numerous awards and honors, including the Padma Shri, one of India’s highest civilian honors, and the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, recognizing her contributions to the field of music.


Parveen Sultana remains an iconic figure in the realm of classical Indian music. Her emotive renditions, technical brilliance, and deep understanding of the classical tradition continue to inspire aspiring musicians. She has not only preserved the rich musical heritage of India but has also contributed significantly to its evolution, making her a revered figure in the world of Hindustani classical music.