Biography of Kartik Aaryan

Karthik Aryan was born in 1988 in the city of Gwalior in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Kartik Aryan, who belongs to a educated family, was very fast from the beginning and he got his early education from St. Paul’s School in Gwalior. After completing his schooling, Karthik settled in Mumbai and enrolled in DY Patil College here and completed his engineering studies.
Real life and Biography of Kartik Aaryan

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Karthik Aryan’s Family

Karthik Aryan has a sister in his family besides his parents. Karthik’s father’s name is Manish Tiwari and his mother’s name is Pragati Tiwari and both of them are a doctor by profession. His sister’s name is Kritika Tiwari.
Family of Karthik Aryan

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Kartik Aaryan’s career

Karthik Aryan always dreamed of becoming an actor and to fulfill his dream, he took the help of modeling. Along with his engineering studies, Karthik started his modeling career and during this time he got his first film. The name of this movie was ‘Pyaar Ka Panchnama’. This movie was made in the year 2011. The film was directed by Luv Ranjan and Karthik was seen in the role of a young boy named Rajjo in the film. A five-minute dialon was spoken by Karthik in this film and people liked this dialogue very much. After this, in 2013, Karthik was again signed by Luv Ranjan for his next movie and the name of this movie was ‘Akash Vani’. In this movie, Karthik played the role of a boy named Akash and he was accompanied by actress Nusrat Bharucha in the lead role. However, this film was not liked by the audience and it proved to be a failed film. But in this film also, the acting done by Karthik was liked by the people.
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Kartik Aaryan’s Awards

In 2011, he was given the Stardust Award for Best Actor in a Comic Role for Karthik’s performance in the film Pyaar Ka Panchnama. Apart from this, Karthik was nominated for more categories. But he could not win the award in these categories.
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Interesting facts about Kartik Aryan

  • Kartik Aaryan’s first film through Facebook- Karthik got his first film through Facebook. It is said that director Luv Ranjan saw a photo of Karthik on Facebook. After which he asked Karthik to audition for his film and after Karthik’s audition, he was signed for the film ‘Pyaar Ka Panchanama’.
  • Kartik Aaryan left middle school for the film – when Karthik got his first film. At that time, Karthik’s engineering papers were running and in such a situation Karthik could not give his papers. However, after finishing the shooting of the film, Karthik focused on his studies and gave his papers and got an engineering degree.
  • Kartik Aaryan changed his surname– Karthik’s full name was Karthik Tiwari but he also changed his surname like other actors. At this time, Karthik places Aryan in front of Tiwari in front of his name.
  • Kartik Aaryan shared room with 12 people – Karthik did not have his own house when he came to Mumbai. In such circumstances, he had to share his room with 12 people. In one of his given interviews, Karthik had told that, while shooting for his first film was going on, he did not have enough money at that time to rent a room separately. So he had to share a small room with 12 people.
  • The 5-minute monologue got the identity to Kartik Aaryan– In the film Pyaar Ka Panchanam, there were many other actors besides Karthik. But he became more famous due to Karthik’s 5-minute monologue. Karthik said after the film was a hit that he had taken five days to remember his 5.29-minute monologue and that he only spoke in 2 takes.

Kartik Aaryan’s  personal information

Kartik Aaryan’s Full Name– Karthik Tiwari
Kartik Aaryan’s Sub name -Koki (koki)
Kartik Aaryan’s Place of Birth– Punjab, India
Kartik Aaryan’s Date of birth – 22 November 1988
Kartik Aaryan’s Resident – Mumbai
Kartik Aaryan’s Religion-Hinduism
Kartik Aaryan’s Father’s Name -Manish Tiwari
Kartik Aaryan’s Mother’s name -Pragati Tiwari
Kartik Aaryan’s sister– 1
Kartik Aaryan’s Profession -Actor, Model
Kartik Aaryan’s Education-Engineering
Kartik Aaryan’s Length -6’0
Kartik Aaryan’s Weight– 78 kg
Kartik Aaryan’s Marital Status -Single
Kartik Aaryan’s Zodiac -scorpio
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