Biography of Jigar Moradabadi:

Jigar Moradabadi, whose real name was Ali Sikandar, was a prominent Urdu poet in the 20th century. 
Here’s a brief biography of Jigar Moradabadi:
Birth: Jigar Moradabadi was born on April 6, 1890, in Moradabad, British India (now in Uttar Pradesh, India).
Early Life and Poetry Style - Career and Literary Contributions - Notable Works and Awards - Death of Jigar Moradabadi
Biography of Jigar Moradabadi

Early Life: 

His early education was in Moradabad, and he later moved to Delhi for further studies. However, his passion for poetry led him to leave formal education, and he devoted himself to literary pursuits.

Jigar Moradabadi’s Poetry Style: 

Jigar Moradabadi became known for his ghazals, a form of Urdu poetry. His poetry is characterized by its emotional depth, romantic themes, and profound expressions of love and longing. He often explored themes of mysticism and spirituality in his verses.

Literary Contributions: 

Jigar gained recognition for his unique style and mastery over the Urdu language. He was associated with the classical tradition of Urdu poetry, and his work earned him a prominent place among the classical Urdu poets.

Career of Jigar Moradabadi: 

While Jigar Moradabadi did not achieve financial success through his poetry during his lifetime, he earned immense respect and admiration from his contemporaries and subsequent generations.

Notable Works: 

Some of Jigar’s notable works include “Diwan-e-Jigar,” a compilation of his ghazals, and “Shola-e-Toor,” a collection of his poetry.


Jigar Moradabadi received the Sahitya Akademi Award for Urdu in 1958 for his contribution to Urdu literature.

Death of Jigar Moradabadi:

Jigar Moradabadi passed away on September 9, 1960, in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Jigar Moradabadi’s poetry continues to be celebrated for its timeless beauty and emotional resonance. He remains one of the revered figures in Urdu literature, and his ghazals are cherished by poetry enthusiasts around the world.