Biography of George joseph

Early Life - Works - Awards and honors to George Joseph

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Early Life of George Joseph:

George Joseph was born on 4 August 1938 in Chengalur, Madras Presidency of British India. His father was MG Joseph Advocate. His mother was Alice Goohani. He himself said that after completing his schooling, he was enrolled in St. Burman’s College, Chengalur. He did his degree from Karaikudi University College, Trivandrum. George Joseph married Mercy and has two sons.
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Works of George Joseph :

George Joseph is an Indian space scientist. Who are known for their contribution in the development of remote sensing technology in India. Worked in the field of special earth observation sensor. He is the Chairman of the Lunar Mission Study Stock Force of the Indian Space Research Organization.
George Joseph worked as a lecturer in Central Christian College Aluva and CMS College Kotratayam. Later he was an apprentice at Bhabha Atom Research Center BARC Bombay. George Joseph started his research career in 1962 at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research at TIFR Bombay where he was involved in the study of cosmic rays.
On the basis of his research work at TIFR, he was awarded the title of Piachdi by Bombay University. A novel detector designed by him was flown on Aryabhatra, the first Indian satellite to detect systems and neutrons.
One of Joseph’s notable contributions has served as the director of the lunar mission study stock force. Joseph was the Chairman of the Technical Commission of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing ISPRS during 1996-2000.
George Joseph has served in many national and international equities. He was Director of Asia and Pacific CSST EAP with Directorate Center for Space Science and Technology Education during 2006-2009 in Dehradun.

Awards and honors to George Joseph :

1) Fellow Indian Academy for Sciences.
2) Fellow Indian Geophysical Union.
3) Fellow Gujarat Science Academy |
4) Partner Indian Meteorological Society |
5) Fellow Indian Society of Remote Sensing ISRS.
6) Fellow Astronautical Society of India.
7) Padmabhushan 1999 |
8) TIFR Alumni Association TAA Excellence Awards 2009 |
9) Life Time Achievement Award, Geospatial Technology 2008 |
10) Outstanding Achievement Award, ISRO 2008 |
11) Aryabhata Award, Astronautical Society of India 2007 |
12) Melpadome Atumalil Georgkuti Merit Award, Mar Thoma Church 2006 |
13) Bhaskara Puraskar: Lifetime Country Bution 1997 instituted by the Indian Society of Remote Sensing for outstanding achievement.

Books of George Joseph:

1) Fundamentals of Remote Sensing 2003 |
2) Building Earth Observation Camera 2015 |
3) India’s travel excellence in building observation cameras.
4) Infrastructure of Remote Sensing 2018 |