Biography of Geeta Kapoor:

Geeta Kapoor was an Indian choreographer and dance reality show judge. Please note that the information available to me may not reflect the latest developments. 
Birth and Career in Dance - Choreography Work - Contribution to Dance Education - Geeta Kapoo as Public Persona

Here’s a brief biography based on the information up to my last update:

Geeta Kapoor:

Birth: Geeta Kapoor was born on July 5, 1973, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Career in Dance:

Geeta Kapoor is a renowned choreographer in the Indian entertainment industry.
She has choreographed numerous songs for Bollywood films and has worked with several leading actors and directors.
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Geeta Kapoo’s Television Career:

Geeta Kapoor gained widespread recognition as a judge on popular dance reality shows.
She was one of the judges on the dance reality show “Dance India Dance” (DID), which became immensely popular for showcasing dance talent from across the country.

Choreography Work:

Geeta Kapoor’s choreography is known for its energy, innovation, and ability to blend different dance styles.
She has contributed to the success of various dance performances in Bollywood films.

Contribution to Dance Education:

Geeta Kapoor has played a role in nurturing and mentoring aspiring dancers through her judging role on television dance competitions.

Geeta Kapoo as Public Persona:

Geeta Kapoor is known for her candid and straightforward judging style on television. Her feedback to contestants has been a mix of encouragement and constructive criticism.
Over the years, Geeta Kapoor has earned recognition and respect for her contribution to the field of dance and her role in promoting dance as an art form in India.
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