Biography of Gayatri hasan

Name: Gayatri Hasan
Birth date: 19 November 1956
Location: India
Occupation: Scientist
Biography of Gayatri hasan

Early Biography of Gayatri hasan:

Gayatri Hasan was born on 19 November 1956 in India. Hassan studied in Aligarh as a child. Her parents were studying in the university. And her two sisters studied chemistry and physics. He did his BSc in Zoology from Miranda House Delhi University in 1976.
Gayatri hasan completed his MSc in Life Sciences and MPhil in 1979 from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi in 1980 and in 1982, he was applying to University of Cambridge for PhD for the dissertation on Trypanosoma brucei’s ribosomal RNA organism. Then he realized for the first time that being a small number can cause bhandabhav.
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Work of Gayatri hasan :

Gayatri Hasan is an Indian scientist. Which biological biologists do research in the fields of genetic science and cell signaling. Since 2013 she has been serving as a Senior Professor at the National Center for Biological Sciences NCBS Bangalore.
She researches the systemic and cellular results of intracellular calcium changes in animals. In 1983, Hassan joined the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research TIFR in Mumbai as a fellow and research associate in the molecular biology unit. She was a visiting scientist in the biology department at Bradys University Massachusetts in 1992.

Awards and Honors to Gayatri hasan:

1) Gayatri Hasan was awarded the Inlaxa Foundation a British Overseas Research Student Award.
2) Belkam Trusta Career Fellowship and a scholarship from a Rockefeller Biotechnology Career.
3) In 2006, she was elected as a Fellow of the Asia Pacific Molecular Biology Work at the Indian Academy of Sciences Bangalore and in 2007.
4) She is also a fellow of Indian National Science Academy INSA.