Biography of Ganpati Shankar Bhat

Name: Ganpati Shankar Bhat
Birth Date: 31 August 1957 AU 62
Home: Yelapur, Uttara Kannaad, India
Occupation: Geophysicist
Life and Biography of Ganpati Shankar Bhat

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Early Biography of Ganpati Shankar Bhat:

Ganpati Shankar Bhat was born on 31 August 1957 in Yalepur, Karnataka, Indian state. He did his graduation in Mechanical Engineering in 1981 at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. And got his Master degree from Indian Institute of Science in 1983. After this, he enrolled in IISc to study his doctorate. He received his PhD in 1990.

Work of Ganpati Shankar Bhat:

Ganpati Shankar Bhat is an Indian Geophysicist and Director of the Center for the University of Oceanographic and Oceanographic Sciences of the Indian Institute of Science. He is known for his studies on atmospheric convection processes and airborne interactions. His career started as a scientific assistant in IISc and he is serving that institute. Where he is the director of the Center for Atmospheric and Sciences in 2006.
Ganpati Shankar Bhat worked as a Scientific Officer from 1989 to 91 in IISc. He was also an assistant professor. He worked as a professor in 2003. He served a short tenure at Florida State University during 1997–98 as a visiting scientist.
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G. S. Bhat is known for extensive reading on the conversation of Hawa Samudra. His chapters have helped to broaden the understanding of atmospheric convection processes. Researchgate, an online repository of scientific articles, has listed 59 of them.
Ganpati Shankar Bhat has served as the principal investigator of the BOBMEX, a major monsoon experiment in Bengal, a section of the Indian aquatic research program ICRR in 1999. Details of their experiments are available in many articles published by the Indian Academy of Sciences. He has given plenary and invited speeches on Air Sea Conversation on the North Indian Ocean at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on 10 April 2012.

Awards and honors to G.S. Bhat :

1) Ganpati Shankar Bhat had won the PS Narayan Medal and Sabita Chaudhuri Medal.
2) Awarded for Physical Research Laboratory Award in 2001.
3) Awarded SS Bhatnagar Award in 2002.
4) Awarded Goki Prof Satish Dhawan Young Engineer Award in 2006.
5) Ganpati Shankar Bhat received the Jessie Bose Fellowship of the Department of Science Advertising Technology in 2010.
6) G. S.Bhat is a member of the India Meteorological Society and Ocean Society of India and also an outgoing fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences 2006.

Books of Ganpati Shankar Bhat:

1) Indian Academy of Earth Planetary Sciences, 2000 |
2) Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanographic Technology 2004 |
3) Geophysical Research Paper 2006 |
4) Journal of Archeology 2007 |
5) Journal of Earth System Science 2008 |