Biography of Ganesh Prasad

Know the life of Ganesh Prasad

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Early Life of Ganesh Prasad:

Ganesh Prasad was born on 15 November 1876 in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh. He received his BA degree from Moir Central College Allahabad. He received his MA degree from the Universities of Calcutta. MA degree from University of Calcutta and DSC degree from Allahabad University.
After studying at Kayastha Pathshala and Muir Central College in Allahabad for almost two years, he went to Cambridge for higher studies and research. While in Cambridge he became acquainted with mathematicians such as EW Hobson and Anure Forsis. He remained seated even though Adams failed for the award contest.
He later moved to Gottingen where he was joined by Arnol Sommerfeld, Uvid Hilbert and George Canter. In Gottingen, Prasadan wrote his paper on the title. Ganesh Prasad spent almost five years in Europe.
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Work of Ganesh Prasad:

 Ganesh Prasad was an Indian mathematician. The principle of potentials was specialized in the theory of functions of Fourier series and surfaces of functions of a real variable. The mathematical community of India considers Ganesh Prasad the father of mathematical research in India. He was also a teacher who took special interest in the advancement of primary education in rural areas of India.
Ganesh Prasad returned to India from Europe in 1904 and was appointed Professor of Mathematics at Muir Central College, Allahabad. Within a year of his appointment in Allahabad, Prasad was sent to Maharani College, Banaras. He remained there till 1914 when he was invited as the head of the Mathematics Department of the University of Calcutta.
 Ganesh Prasad was the Rasa Bihari Ghosh Adhyaksha of Mathematics from 1914 to 1917, who was an unsupported in the Calcutta University. He served as Professor of Mathematics from 1917-1923 from Banaras Hindu University.
Ganesh Prasad was elected the Adhyaksha of the Calcutta Mathematical Society in 1924 and the Vice-President of the Indian Association for the Advancement of Science Calcutta. Ganesh Prasad wrote a treatise on spherical harmonics and 11 books including the work of Basel and Langade and more than fifty research papers in mathematics.
 Ganesh Prasad worked hard for the promotion of education in general in the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh. He had an important contribution in starting compulsory primary education in the villages of Uttar Pradesh. He donated a large amount of money to the Universities of Allahabad and Banaras.