Biography of Gail Omvet

Name: Gail Omvat
Birth Date: 2 August 1941
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Occupation: Writer, essayist, activist
Wife: Bharat Patankar
Biography of Gail Omvet

Early Biography of Gail Omvet:

Gail Omvat was born in Minneapolis on August 2, 1941. Shee studied at Carton College and UCBurkley. Where he received his PhD in Sociology in 1973. She is an Indian citizen since 1983. She currently lives in rural India in a town in Maharashtra. The name of his village is Kasay village. Husband Bharat Patankar is his mother-in-law Indumati Patankar and cousin.
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Work of Gail Omvet:

Gail Omvat is an American Indian scholar, sociologist and human rights activist. She is a prolific writer. And he has published many books on the struggles of Malilao in India. Omved has been particularly involved in the movements of Dalit and caste movements, environmental farmers and women along with rural women.
In recent years, she has been working as a consulting sociologist on gender environment and rural development for the United Nations Development Program UNDP Oxfam Novib and Anya Institutions. She has been an advisor to agencies and NGOs of the United Nations.
Gail Omvet has served as an Asian Guest Professor at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, Copenhagen, Professor of Social Sciences at Dr. Ambedkar Adhyaksha Professor Poona University in Odisha in Odisha. He is a senior fellow at Nehru Memorial Museum 3 Pour Library New Delhi.
Gail Omvet is a visiting professor and co-ordinator in the School and Social Justice Poona University and Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. Gail is the former Adhyaksh Professor for BR Ambedkar Adhyayak of social change and development in Omwet Igru.
She has worked actively with social movements in India. In which the Dalit movement is involved with anti-rural women. She has been active in the movement of religious, liberation teams, trike liberation struggles. Which works on abandoned women’s stamps in Sangli and Satara districts of southern Maharashtra. And Rotary Mahila Angadi, which works on the issues of women’s rights and political power.

Reward and Honor of Gail Omvet:

1) Matoshri Bhimabai Ambedkar Puraskar 2012.
2) Honorary Woodrow Wilson Fellowship 1964-65 |
3) Fulbright Fellowship as a tutor in English in India 1964-65, 1965-66.
4) Savitribai Phule Awarded 2002
5) Padmasri Kavivarya Narayan Surve Sarvajan Vakanale Nashik 2002 |
6) Dr. Ambedkar Chetna Puraskar Humanistic Creation Mach Punjab 2003 |
7) ABP Majha Samman Awards 2012 |

Books of Gail Omvet:

1) We will loot this prison: Indian women in truggle 1979 |
2) Gender and Technology Emerging Asian Vision 1994 |
3) A Dalit Autobiography Growing Up Untouchables 2000 |
4) Jayetirao Phule and the ideology of social revolution in India.