Biography of Ethan Allen:

Ethan Allen (January 21, 1738 – February 12, 1789) was an American patriot, soldier, and politician who played a significant role in the early years of the American Revolutionary War. 
Here is a brief biography of Ethan Allen:

Early Life:

Birth: Ethan Allen was born on January 21, 1738, in Litchfield, Connecticut, in the Thirteen Colonies.
Family: He was the eldest of eight children in the Allen family.
Early Life and Green Mountain Boys - Role in the American Revolution - Later Life and Political Career - Death of Ethan Allen
Biography of Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen as Green Mountain Boys:

Ethan Allen became a prominent figure in the conflict between settlers in the New Hampshire Grants (now Vermont) and the government of New York, which claimed jurisdiction over the territory.
Allen formed a group known as the “Green Mountain Boys” to resist the New York authorities and protect the settlers’ land rights.

Capture of Fort Ticonderoga:

In May 1775, Ethan Allen, along with Benedict Arnold, led a daring and successful raid on Fort Ticonderoga, a strategic fort in New York.
The capture of Fort Ticonderoga provided valuable artillery and military supplies for the Continental Army.

Ethan Allen’s Role in the American Revolution:

Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys played a crucial role in the early stages of the American Revolution.
Allen was appointed a colonel in the Continental Army, and his forces participated in various campaigns, including the invasion of Canada.

Capture and Imprisonment:

In 1775, Ethan Allen was captured by the British during an unsuccessful attempt to capture Montreal.
He spent more than two years in captivity before being released in a prisoner exchange.

Later Life and Political Career:

After his release, Allen returned to Vermont and resumed his political and military activities.
He was involved in the negotiations surrounding Vermont’s bid for statehood and its struggle for independence.

Death of Ethan Allen:

Ethan Allen died on February 12, 1789, at the age of 51, in Burlington, Vermont.


Ethan Allen is remembered as a key figure in the early American Revolutionary War and a leader in the resistance against British rule.
The state of Vermont later adopted his name for its largest city, Burlington, and a prominent mountain range, the Green Mountains.
Ethan Allen’s contributions to the American Revolution and Vermont’s struggle for independence have secured his place in American history as a patriot and military leader.