Biography of Amjad Khan

Amjad Khan was a renowned Indian actor and director, born on November 12, 1940, in Hyderabad, British India (now in Telangana, India), and he passed away on July 27, 1992. He is best remembered for his iconic portrayal of the character Gabbar Singh in the Bollywood classic film “Sholay” (1975), which is considered one of the greatest Indian films of all time.
Biography of Amjad Khan
Amjad Khan

Early Life and Family:

Amjad Khan was the son of renowned actor Jayant, and he belonged to a prominent film family in India. His father Jayant was a character actor in the Indian film industry. Amjad Khan was the brother of actor Imtiaz Khan and the half-brother of actor and director, Feroz Khan.

Acting Career of Amjad Khan:

Amjad Khan made his acting debut in the film “Nazneen” in 1951 as a child actor. He later appeared in several films in minor roles before gaining recognition with his performance in the film “Hindustan Ki Kasam” (1973). However, it was his role as the menacing and ruthless dacoit Gabbar Singh in “Sholay” that catapulted him to stardom. His dialogue “Kitne aadmi the?” (“How many men were there?”) became iconic and is still remembered by fans of Indian cinema.

Notable Films and Roles:

Apart from “Sholay,” Amjad Khan appeared in numerous successful films, portraying a wide range of characters. Some of his notable films include “Muqaddar Ka Sikandar” (1978), “Satte Pe Satta” (1982), “Laawaris” (1981), and “Yaarana” (1981). He was appreciated for his versatility as an actor and played both negative and positive roles with equal finesse.

Directorial Ventures:

Amjad Khan also ventured into directing films. He directed and acted in the film “Chor Police” (1983) and later directed the film “Ameer Aadmi Gharib Aadmi” (1985).

Amjad Khan’s Personal Life:

Amjad Khan was married to Shehla Khan, and they had two children, Shadaab Khan and Ahlam Khan. His son Shadaab Khan later pursued a career in acting.


Amjad Khan’s contribution to Indian cinema, particularly his role as Gabbar Singh in “Sholay,” remains etched in the memory of film enthusiasts. He left an indelible mark on the industry with his powerful performances and iconic dialogues. Even after his untimely death, he is remembered as one of the greatest actors in the history of Indian cinema.