5 Best Online Word-Per-Minute Typing Speed Tests Tools:

There are several online tools available for testing your typing speed. 
Here are five popular ones:

1. TypingTest.com:

Features: Provides various typing tests, including general typing, numbers, and special characters. It gives you a detailed analysis of your performance.
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TypingTest.com - KeyHero - 10FastFingers - TypingClub - NitroType - Five Popular Typing Tools

2. KeyHero:

Website: KeyHero
Features: Offers typing tests, practice sessions, and competitions. It provides real-time feedback on your typing speed and accuracy.

3. 10FastFingers:

Website: 10FastFingers
Features: Allows you to participate in typing races, take typing tests, and compare your results with others. Supports multiple languages.

4. TypingClub:

Website: TypingClub
Features: Offers typing lessons and tests. It has a user-friendly interface and provides a curriculum for improving your typing skills.

5. NitroType:

Website: NitroType
Features: Primarily designed as a competitive typing game, NitroType lets you race against others to improve your typing speed. It’s a fun way to practice.
When using these tools, remember that consistency and accuracy are key to improving your typing speed over time. Additionally, practice regularly to enhance both your speed and precision.