How to recover money of banking fraud?

Victims of banking fraud, do this work immediately, the stolen money will be recover

In the era of digitalization, where on one hand the trend of online transactions has increased rapidly, on the other hand, there has also been an increase in the cases of banking fraud. Fraudsters are emptying people’s accounts with the help of new methods. In such a situation, if you have also been a victim of online fraud, then there is no need to worry. We will give you a helpline number here, on which you can call and lodge a complaint of fraud online.

How to recover money of banking fraud

Helpline number for recover money of banking fraud

Banking fraud recover money helpline number: 155260

Keeping in mind the increase in banking fraud cases across the country, Delhi Police has released the helpline number 155260. People can lodge complaints of fraud online by calling this number. According to the police, through this helpline number, full help will be given to the victim of banking fraud. You can also get money by calling this number.

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People of these states can use the helpline number (155260) if victims of banking fraud

  1. Delhi
  2. Uttar Pradesh
  3. Chhattisgarh
  4. Madhya Pradesh
  5. Rajasthan
  6. Telangana
  7. Uttarakhand

Let us tell you that all private banks from SBI to ICICI Bank are connected with this helpline number. Apart from this, the number has been linked to e-wallet platforms like MobiKwik, Flipkart and Amazon.

Complaint can be lodged on this website

If the call on the helpline number does not work, then you can register a complaint by visiting the website

Keep these things in mind while doing online transactions to avoid Banking fraud

Never save your card information on the platform after shopping online. This can empty your bank account. In such a situation, always keep in mind that after making the payment, delete your card information.

Do not use public Wi-Fi and cyber cafes to make online payments or transactions. Doing so can make you a victim of online fraud. Whenever you pay online, use private Wi-Fi or your mobile network. With this, your money deposited in the bank will be completely safe.